Saturday, November 25, 2006


有些小物什可能真的是aesthetic value和fun要大过于功用了,现在的工艺设计似乎就在走超现实路线,太容易理解的东西可能会受人轻视。

贴几个看来得好玩东西,它们被列在某一个礼品购物指南里,专属For The Hard To Please的column,所以,值得看看。

1.for the commuter
注释:Playaway's audiobooks aren't designed for digital-media mavens with iPods who are accustomed to downloading content off the Net. They're pocket-size and preloaded for people who just want to press Play and go. The collection includes more than 200 titles-new fiction, literary classics, books for kids, how-tos, humor-for $30 to $55 each, earbuds included. Visit

2.for the gadget geek
注释:Is it a stress ball? No. Back massager? Wrong again. This rubber USB hub, $18 at, gives you three ports for the price of one. Find it in Home Accessories, under Radios and Electronics, next to some bamboo earphones and Muji cardboard speakers. Museum members get a discount.

3.for the officemate
注释 has an eye for goofy desk accessories, like this 4-in. robot pencil sharpener, $6. It winds up as you whittle, then takes a walk when you're done. also sells it, plus a $5 plastic ninja attack gun perfect for cube warfare.

4.for new parents
At, click Baby Gear to find the Philips DECT monitor, $200. It's designed not to interfere with other household devices and scrambles the signal, so neighbors can't listen in. The receiver tracks room temperature and works as a two-way radio, allowing you to soothe baby ("Go to sleep!") without leaving the couch.

5.for the decorater
The colorful Karlsson Blocks Clock, $88 at, purveyor of modern looks for the home (including great rugs), is a work of DIY functional sculpture. You can hang the 2-in. cubes any which way you like, using nails or the double-sided sticky pads that come with the set. The timepiece runs on a single AA battery.

6.for surfer's up
Like other board-sport e-tailers, K5 has separate snow, skate and surf shops; browse by category or click Product Index for links to specific brands. The site's extensive selection of snowboards includes Burton's 2007 lineup plus this hot new one from Arbor: the Element All, $500, featuring a bamboo top sheet for extra snap between turns.

7.staying afloat
At Landfall Navigation you'll find nautical charts and other supplies for sailors, plus quirky gizmos like the $7 key buoy from Davis Instruments. The 14-in. tube inflates the moment your keys hit the water, propels them to the surface within 30 sec. and keeps them afloat for up to 40-min.-plenty of time for you to recover them after a wind-surfing wipeout.

8.geer up to work out!
Can the right bag motivate you to go to the gym? The Lug Puddle Jumper, $70, from, has a separate compartment for shoes and other internal dividers to keep sweaty clothes away from clean. Extra side pockets help keep toiletries and other personal items organized. Comes in blue, orange, gray, pink or green.


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