Saturday, November 25, 2006



1.some big soccer fans
This vintage England national-team jacket from, suitable for both soccer and rugby fans, is available for $60 at 365 Inc.'s rugby superstore, along with a comprehensive selection of shirts-the same jerseys real ruggers from around the world wear on the field. Shop by country or team. A commemorative World Cup 2007 Gilbert rugby ball is $30. off your shoes
A self-funded alliance of "sneaker heads" based in Hong Kong, makes limited editions and vintage styles from Nike and other brands available to anybody willing to pay for overseas shipping ($35 for delivery in three to five days). The Adidas Rio, $90, is a new release; an illustration of the Brazilian city's famous statue of Christ decorates the tongue.


3.hi-tech drinkware(看看这定语。。。)
Bodum's new Manhattan line of double-walled borosilicate glasses look heavy but are actually quite light. An air pocket protects a chilled drink from your warm hand and won't cloud even after repeated runs through the dishwasher. The "thermo glass" is heat resistant, so it can serve hot beverages too. Martini glasses, one of five types to choose from, are $20 each.

4.(看图能猜到是啥么东东么。。)fresher wine!
The PEK Preservino from Wine uses argon instead of nitrogen to keep wine fresh for up to two weeks after opening. The $40 kit includes injector, gas cartridge and two stoppers. The trick is to buy wine that's worthy:, which ships to 32 states, will send four carefully selected bottles with producer profiles and tasting notes for $100.

5.wearable plastic(塑料这个词,怎么也不好和这个价格联系起来哇)
Oscar de la Renta, a recent Web convert, launched an online store in September to sell shoes and boots, handbags, fragrance and eyewear, like this pair of "wrapped plastics" for $320. Product pages are elegant yet spare-sometimes too spare (item descriptions can be a bit thin)-but you can chat live with an operator if you have any questions.
(btw,这个column叫送给臭美的人,For The Fashion Hound,嗯,只选了这一件作为代表)

6.for the cook
The terrific shopping blog first turned us on to Perpetual Kid's site and the Ex, a stainless-steel knife set with "cathartic" voodoo-style holder, for $70. Blades slide in and stay put thanks to magnets inside each body part-er, knife slot. We also dig the site's tiny elephant bottle opener (the trunk works the cap free) for $8 and the plastic "human" soap dispenser, also $8; pump the round head, and liquid cleanser squirts out of the mouth.

最后,发现还有一个专题,叫做For The Humanitarian,赫赫,想起了FRIENDS里的Pheobe。嗯,估计有了这个推荐,给像她那样的人准备礼物也不用犯愁了。可以重点关注一下注释里说了啥,就会明白为什么叫做for。。。一个那么严重的词汇。

7.From all corners of the globe to all corners of your home
The jewelry, home décor and accessories sold at are exported from all corners of the globe by fair-trade cooperatives that help provide indigenous workers with tools, training and wages. This soothing sculpture, $68, is hand-carved by members of the Lac Thank workshop in Vinh Phuc province, Vietnam. The sandstone comes from a local quarry. for survival
Visit to meet Baby Cinnamon Bear, $26, one of several critters handmade by the Kenana knitters of Kenya. The wool, which comes from local sheep, is spun on old bicycle wheels and colored with natural plant dye. Sales of the toys help 550 farm women in the village of Njoro support themselves and their families. Visit for more info.

注意到the wool is spun on old bicycle wheel,就发现这样礼物这是非常有感觉啊!



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