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Glad it ends like what I wished for! Although this season has been fairly dull and uncreative, Irina constantly works fine and establishes her own style as a designer. Her Bryant Park show collection actually demonstrates her ability of showcasing her ideology, telling a tale, and completing a thread that is fashionable AND show-able. Maybe her style is not extremely spectacular, but I can see her having her own line someday and women would want to buy one or two pieces from her collection!

Here's a photo of Irina, and some works from her last-show collection. Uploading photos onto Blogger is such a pain... I will try to upload more later.

To be honest, Althea and Carol Hannah also show their strength. I loved Althea's jackets so much - I think in the shopping malls there is no one really-fit jacket out there; Carol Hannah is definitely the master of one-piece gorgeous dresses. All her dresses are impeccable, as Heidi said. But she is incapable of sewing pants and Althea always shies away from elegant-looking dress/skirt.

I am honestly happy for Irina, not only because she stands on the stage for the immigrants with American dreams, but more importantly, seeing her winning her father's tearful approval is one of the most touching moment of this boring show. I guess that must be ONE amazing moment for all daughters that had once been despised by the fathers for who they are, what they do, what they dream for. Of course, fashion, of all occupations, could be one of the least understandable dream for a rigid dad. Congratulations, Irina.

At last, the most bitchy girl beats the sweet and the stealthily bitchy one. End of story.

Here's some more info of this quite good-looking girl:

Irina Shabayeva
Age: 26
Birthplace: The Republic of Georgia
Current Home: New York, NY
Favorite Designer: Jean Paul Gaultier
Style Icons: Sophia Loren, Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth
Favorite Past Project Runway Designer: Rami Kashou, Season 4

Though an immigrant from the former USSR, Irina would never be mistaken for anything but a full blown New Yorker. Currently living on the Upper East Side, Irina attended Parsons The New School of Design, where she first realized her true design potential. Her aesthetic is focused on sexy and ultra-feminine designs with a European flair. She describes her biggest weakness as her desire for instant gratification.

Why she thinks she’ll win?
Irina says she’ll win because she is “the best” and will “save the world, one dress at a time.”

Tim Gunn: "Her models look as if they've been in for a dozen fittings, and they haven't."

Performance before the last show: She’s won more challenges than both Carol Hannah and Althea.

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